‘That the best possible standards of food safety, quality and
wholesome food are achieved throughout all our processing activities.’

This is achievable through management of our HACCP system and Implementing The SQF 2000 Codes, which involve a systematic assessment of each step in the production process. This incorporates proactive and preventative control of raw materials, processing activities, and the processing environment, rather than a reactive approach.

As a Fresh Produce Grower we have a legal, commercial and moral obligation to ensure good standards of food hygiene are maintained. All necessary steps will be taken throughout processing to ensure food safety; quality and fulfillment of customer expectations are maintained. It is the responsibility of Senior Management to communicate the above requirements to all members of staff.

The realization of the Quality Policy is achieved through:

  • Implementation and management of the company’s Food Safety and Quality Management systemto the Food Safety standard.
  • Ensuring all staff are aware of and understand the companies Quality Policy and commitment to Quality & Safety.
  • Conducting adequate training to a level commensurate with their work activity.