To Nutra Sprout

Nutra Sprout Inc. (formerly “Sprout King”) has been proudly offering excellent quality beansprouts to our valued customers since 2003.

Our work-of-art production line and technology are designed to grow and process beansprouts in a highly-controlled environment under a CFIA standard operation. We are the first beansprout cultivator to receive the advantage HACCP certification in Canada.

Beansprouts are grown from mung beans.  Nutra Sprout selectively handpicked our bean crops supplier for the best quality beans delivered directly to us.  Our experienced team of agriculturalists then carefully performs quality control on beans before proceeding to soaking, draining, and rinsing through a sanitized process.  Our sprouts are grown in a meticulously-controlled, clean environment, monitored throughout the growing process to insure the best quality beansprouts for our valued customers.